Margins are tightening,
the local court is questioning your documentation.
Your frontline attorney is getting hammered with discovery.

Is your attorney prepared?

E.J. Hagan Associates experience includes:

  • Contract and Property Actions
  • Statewide engagement
  • Bankruptcy
  • Mediation

An irate consumer is on the line, and so is your regulator.

Is your attorney engaged?
  • Expedited dockets in local courts.
  • Hands-on engagement with parties, regulators and other market participants.
  • Participation in local bench-bar meetings.

The subprime lending crisis and its denouement continue to reshape recovery related services. While bearing special obligation to clients, E.J. Hagan Associates is committed to ethical and constructive engagement with all persons with whom it comes into contact.

  Debt Collection. E. J. Hagan Associates is engaged in the business of debt collection. If you have been contacted by E.J. Hagan Associates concerning debt collection, please be advised that information you offer in response may be used for collection purposes. E. J. Hagan Associates is prohibited from providing legal advice to consumers and businesses in connection with collection matters.

Bankruptcy. E. J. Hagan Associates is also a debt relief agency. The office assists people in filing for bankruptcy under the bankruptcy code, where there is no conflict with its collection activities, and when these persons enter into a representation agreement.
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