E. J. Hagan
Curriculum Vitae



Edward J. Hagan Curriculum Vitae


Edward Hagan practices in the fields of commercial and retail law with an emphasis on creditors’ rights litigation.

Mr. Hagan was formerly employed by the District Court of Maryland for Allegany County for two and one-half years where he worked closely with several judges and inaugurated the use of mediation-facilitation methods for small claims and interpersonal disputes.

A Chartered Financial Analyst, Mr. Hagan was a portfolio manager for high yield corporate credits and special situation equity, and has significant experience in the management of institutional investment operations.

Mr. Hagan is a frequent speaker at NBI Seminars and has also been a contributor to the Western Maryland Law journal writing on the history and policy of Maryland interspousal tort immunity (abolished 2004) and Maryland protective orders, as well as two recent biographies of President Lincoln.


2001 Catholic University of America, School of Law, Washington, D.C., Juris Doctor.
1991 Columbia Business School, New York, N.Y. - M.B.A. Finance.
Corporate Finance, Portfolio Theory, Options, Derivatives, Fixed Income Securities.
1984 University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.
B.A. Economics, B.A. Oriental Studies, Cum Laude.
Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics, International Trade, Accounting.

Articles/Reference Materials

NBI Seminar chapters including FDCPA/WV Consumer and Credit Protection Act,,FDCPA/Maryland Debt Collection Statutes, Maryland Judgment Collection, Pre-suit Collection Strategies.

“Lincoln’s Greatest Speech, The Second Inaugural by Ronald C. White, Jr., Reflections on Providence and Political Choice,” Book Review/Essay in the Western Maryland Law Journal, Autumn 2003.

Grounds for relief in “Protective and Peace Orders,” Western Maryland Law Journal, Autumn 2003.

“Interspousal Tort Immunity in Maryland,” Western Maryland Law Journal, Autumn 2002.

Mr. Hagan is fluent in Japanese having lived and worked in Japan for ten years.

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