Fee Options



Fee Options

E.J. Hagan Associates offers its services under a variety of competitive
rate options:

Commercial Rates

Client advances five percent (5%) of the amount of the account as a non-refundable case retainer. An additional ten percent (10%) contingent fee applies to all amounts collected without filing litigation and an additional fifteen percent (15%) for a total of twenty -five percent (25%) on all amounts collected after filing litigation.

Contingency Rates

Standard recovery services are generally offered on a one-third contingent fee basis with fees completely contingent upon the successful collection of accounts. Fees are assessed against gross recovery in the month of recovery.


Typical Chapter 7 fees range from $900 - $1,500. Chapter 13 fees range from $1,500 - $3,000. Court filing fees for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are $335 and $310 respectively. 

Standard lift-stay type actions range from $350 - $500, exclusive of filing fees. Typical hourly rates, used in adversary proceedings, range from $150 - $225.

Although representation is not effective in the absence of a representation agreement, client candidates are invited to call and review their particular situation with the attorney.

Court and Incidental Costs

Clients are ultimately responsible for out-of-pocket costs, including but not limited to court filing fees, reporter fees, expert and other witness fees which are billed monthly as incurred and payable within 30 days of billing.

Clients agree to advise in writing of any billing dispute within thirty (30) days.


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